bron [noun]

  1. origin [noun] the spring from which a river is born
  2. source [noun] the place, person, circumstance, thing etc from which anything begins or comes

lar [noun]

  1. hearth, home, dwelling
  2. spirit or lesser god guarding the home

At Bron Lar, we hope you find a new beginning

Bron Lar has been founded as a wellness retreat to provide a safe and welcoming haven where you can begin or continue your path to health.

We offer the Medical Medium 3:6:9 Liver Cleanse every month.

If you read Anthony William’s books, you will be as convinced as we are that undertaking these ten days regularly is simply the best thing you can do for your health. Bron Lar is a fail-proof environment where you can sit back and let us facilitate the Advanced Liver Cleanse for you.

Both our branches also offer Juice fasting.

Why undertake a cleanse with us?

Improve your general health and wellbeing

Help manage a chronic illness

Kick-start a weight-loss programme

Delay the aging process

Get holiday ready

Get wedding ready

A liver cleanse is not only beneficial for those who drink too much, but for anyone who has any health issue or is trying to combat the relentless wave of aging. Although the 3:6:9 programme is not a fast, you will lose some weight while having plenty of energy to enjoy a yoga class, or some of the exciting activities the area has to offer.

Set inland half an hour away from Málaga airport, we are surrounded by mountains and picturesque countryside, whilst being within easy half an hour drive to the glamorous coastal town of Marbella and its beaches.

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