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Founder Rian once suffered with chronic fatigue. Desperately searching to improve her health, she looked for a detox fasting centre only to find they all cost thousands of pounds. Eventually, she healed and then trained at Florida’s Hippocrates Health Institute as a Health Educator. In 2009, she opened Health Etcetera, a juice fasting retreat.

Upon her return from the Hippocrates, Rian was determined to open the detox retreat she had wanted to find when she was sick but had little disposable income. She felt she didn’t need a hotel style service, just somewhere nice and clean that offered fresh juices several times a day where guests would feel safe and supported.

After 13 years of running a successful retreat in both Winchester and London, she came across Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium, and felt his teachings were invaluable in her quest to help others achieve better health.

Having experienced his protocols, Rian understood that most people would struggle to implement them by themselves. Hence, she set out to open a branch in Málaga where she would enable people to undertake his programmes.

To mark this new direction, Rian changed the company name to Bron Lar, which means home of new beginnings, as this expresses the essence of the business.

As well as being a Hippocrates Health Educator, Rian is also a colonic hydrotherapist and a meditation teacher. She is passionate about transforming people’s lives. She has written several e-books and spoken in national and international venues.

Her clients often comment on her warmth and easy-going charm. Her approach is both practical and personal. Whether you are lucky enough to be under her care at Bron Lar or you consult with her over the phone, Rian makes you feel she truly cares about your welfare while offering her extensive knowledge with your best interests at heart.

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