Medical Medium

Excerpt from his books:

“Anthony William, the chronic illness expert, originator of the global celery juice movement, was born with the unique ability to convey information from spirit providing him with extraordinarily advanced healing medical information that’s far ahead of its time.

Since the age of four, Anthony has been using his gift to read people’s conditions and tell them how to recover their health. His unprecedented accuracy and success rate as the Medical Medium have earned the trust and love of millions worldwide.”

As an alternative health practitioner, I have followed the Medical Medium protocols for several years and I have seen definite improvements to my own health and that of my clients.

Anthony William has provided us with many protocols which are clear and easy to follow. In fact, one of his books is solely dedicated to these protocols where he not only explains them but helps us to choose between them.

However, we are aware that implementing any health protocol is often challenging for many reasons. Anthony William’s liver cleanse is 9 days long, it requires commitment and organisation which puts many people off embarking on the method that will lead them to better health.

At Bron Lar, we understand the challenge and we want to do everything for you.

Set amidst the mountains of Málaga, Bron Lar offers a great environment for undertaking the Medical Medium’s liver cleanse protocol. You can bring a book and sit by the pool, you can bring your laptop and work remotely, you can go on one of our organised excursions or you can simply enjoy being looked after.

The Medical Medium 3:6:9 Advanced Liver Cleanse

For those who wish to know exactly what it entails, please refer to his book Cleanse to Heal, Hay House, 2020.

For those who want a quick overview, the protocol includes a lot of lemon water, celery juice, smoothies and salads. It is not a fast. You will not be hungry. You will have plenty of energy and surprisingly you will also lose weight! And most importantly you will rid the liver of the toxic burden which is preventing you from improving your health.

Anthony William places great emphasis on adhering accurately to his protocols. At Bron Lar we follow his methods exactly so that we get the best possible results.

We run the programme once a month. Arrivals are on a Friday for a prompt start on Saturday morning. It finishes on the following Sunday and guests may leave on Monday. Soup will be provided on Friday evening and you will be given a packed lunch to take with you on Monday for your journey home.

Treatments and Activities

In addition to the programme, we offer at an extra cost, massages, yoga sessions, reiki, meditations and range of outdoor activities. Please refer to ‘Our Rooms’ page for full details.

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