Our Purpose

After a couple of decades studying how to achieve and maintain health, we have acquired plenty of information about how to best heal and maintain good health. Of course, these days we cannot claim anything other than we aim to be a nurturing hub where you come to feel better. Not just physically but emotionally and perhaps spiritually too.

Some of you come to us with no prior experience. Some of you are already seasoned and have preferences. We pride ourselves in flexibility offering a range of programmes, from Silent or not water and juice fasts to the Medical Medium 3:6:9 Liver Cleanse. You may decide what you wish to do or you can let us advise you on what we consider the best programme for you.

The Medical Medium 3:6:9 Advance Liver Cleanse

Having come across Anthony William, aka Medical Medium, we now strongly align with his teachings. He has designed several protocols to bring us back to optimal health. They all appear to be relatively easy to undertake. However, in practice, most of us find it very challenging. They require a strong commitment, a great deal of organisation and the resilience to cope with temptations for a considerable length of time. Amongst them,

We have selected his Advanced 3:6:9 Liver Cleanse which lasts 9 days, and we have created a fail proof environment where you can sit back and let us facilitate it for you.

It entails a lot of lemon water and celery juice, as well as smoothies with bananas and a mixture of raw salads. Except for potentially the celery juice, everything tastes ok. You can have as much as you need not to be hungry. The programme allows for a little bit of leeway should you have a strong aversion to any of the ingredients.

We aim to adhere to Anthony William’s protocol as closely as possible. You may also have herbal teas throughout the day if you wish.

Arrivals are on Friday, ready to start the programme on Saturday. A soup will be served on Friday evening. After the 9 days, you will then depart on the Monday. A packed lunch will be provided for your journey back home.

(Juice) Fasting

We understand that some of you simply wish to undertake a juice fast. Not a problem. We offer flexible options that can accommodate to your requirements (within reason) in terms of how much juice and what ingredients you wish to have in them

Many of you have a particular method to detox that works for you, so we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements.

Additional Services and Activities:

Whether you cocoon with a book by the pool or wish to work remotely using our strong WIFI, we advise you to plan and bring a project with you.

We offer, however, a small range of optional activities:

You may also hire a car to explore the local area.

Málaga has a wealth of cultural heritage including the Picasso museum, the Alcazaba (a Moorish palace), the cathedral and many other attractions within a half hour drive. The well-known towns of Marbella and Mijas are merely half an hour away.

For all outings we can provide you with packed juice or food as appropriate so not to interfere with your programme.

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